What Happened?

Subtitle: Confessions of a formerly militant cynic.

What happens when you become self aware?  Well, I think you become less cynical.  The same thing happens when you realize you have much more control over your own destiny than you allowed yourself to admit.  Does a person who is really, really good at cynicism ever become 100% free from ever being cynical again.  No, don’t think so.  But I’m open to being wrong there.  I just know in my case, it hasn’t happened.

When I figured out that person at work who I consistently loathed and always disagreed with was NOT actually trying to ruin my life and career, and what I wanted was ACTUALLY within reach the entire time, it was transformative.  But I’m here to tell you, that was a process, not an event.  It takes time, especially after YEARS of an ingrained belief system.  Years of not allowing myself to admit insecurities, that led to that defense mechanism known as cynicism.

Have there been disappointments along the way?  Yes, of course.  And there will be more.  There will be failures and disappointments, which will lead to more opportunities.  One of the toughest things to do is NOT allow these roadblocks to turn into negative thought patterns.  Once this happens, creativity is nixed and performance is stunted.  Does everything work as planned?  No it does not.  But that is not a reason to stop moving forward!